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Just by Accident

Was strolling through the blogs one day, in this happy, happy month of May and came across DFW Renaissance Blog with a post about Maharaja over on the Southern side of town here in Ft Worth.  Location is at Hulen and Hulen Bend.   Will be trying out the recommendation and lets see who beats who to get there and find us another place to add to our dining lists.  Will be giving an update on the site as soon as I get there to stuff myself with good Indian food.


The Porch – Public House

Liked what I saw and added this site to a reference guide I have been building to recommend popular and well liked
restaurants, cafes and bistros here in the states.

CDA Foodie

It’s always nice to review a restaurant that you’re familiar with. Unfortunately sometimes it can be very unsettling when you find holes in the fare, the service or in what you remember as an outstanding dining experience. So it was with some hesitation that I invited a friend and a fellow foodie to join me at The Porch in Hayden. We were there on a Saturday for lunch.

The restaurant is located on Miles avenue in Hayden Idaho. Take 95 north from I90 to Miles. Turn right and drive until you reach the eastern edge of the gold course. There you’ll find The Porch – Public House.

The small local chain was founded in 1995 by three friends. Moon Time on Sherman was the first of several restaurant whose them is loosely based on the concept of neighborhood public houses in the UK.

The atmosphere is informal and inviting. The…

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Crawfish Shack Seafood

Added you to my list guide of restaurants. I am building a guide of selected popular restaurants, bistros and coffee houses that I think people will enjoy. LOVE cajun cookin and needed some sites in your state to add to my list. Hope you have great success. Lester

Damn Good Eatin'

These photos almost speak for themselves.  I love a good crawfish boil!  Who doesn’t???  In my opinion, a good crawfish boil must be outdoors, include beer, and be extra spicy!

Crawfish Shack Seafood on Buford Highway:  I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant/fish market ever since I moved to Atlanta.  Today seemed like the perfect place for some Sunday Funday take-out.  I would have eaten there but they don’t have a liquor license!!!! BUMMER!  (Although they said you can BYOB)

Obviously I had to get the hushpuppies, which were delicious!  All they needed was Sriracha, ketchup and salt. Yum!

Here is my 34th floor setup.  Note the roll of paper towels and newspaper on the table: a must when you eat messy crawfish!

This is a delicious, juicy seedless watermelon from Trader Joe’s.  It was so sweet and only $3.99!

The boiled crawfish at the Crawfish Shack do not come…

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