Just by Accident

Was strolling through the blogs one day, in this happy, happy month of May and came across DFW Renaissance Blog with a post about Maharaja over on the Southern side of town here in Ft Worth.  Location is at Hulen and Hulen Bend.   Will be trying out the recommendation and lets see who beats who to get there and find us another place to add to our dining lists.  Will be giving an update on the site as soon as I get there to stuff myself with good Indian food.


1 thought on “Just by Accident

  1. Was very much a taste bud eye-opener. “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen” as they say. Atmosphere very easy with great service. Food — well I recommend you pay attention to your selection with the hotter spices. For those of you who love spice this will be a big drum roll for you and total satisfaction. For ones who cannot withstand the heat = Stay out of Kitchen. Offerings however are of a good variety on the cooler side for you folks who prefer lighter spice. You still will not be disappointed. I do recommend this restaurant for any individual up to a good sized family group.

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